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CSY provide the entire range of Layher scaffolding

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In close partnership with Layher UK

CSY now work in close partnership with Layher UK, to be able to offer the entire range of Layher products. From basic single operation scaffolds for timber frame developments, to public access staircases and bridges.

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The Truth of the Matter

A common misconception with Layher Allround scaffold is that because it is a modular system scaffold, its design application is limited. Not true! With a large stock of intricate components, and a vast knowledge of the product we use.,CSY have used Layher scaffold on numerous projects and proven that the system is in fact far more versatile than traditional scaffold.

“German engineered, top of the range system scaffold.”

“Been using CSY scaffolding since they first set up, we’ve had 100’s of different types of scaffolding put up by their professional team from basic towers to really complicated scaffolds and they are always spot on. Keep up the good work.. Mick Holmes is Fantastic !”


The Original System

Layher were the original inventors of ring system scaffolding, which is now copy produced by a number of other Chinese based manufacturers. The demand for ring system scaffolding is growing rapidly in the UK, as more and more principal contractors are noticing the significant speed, health and safety, and versatility advantages of the system over the older, traditional scaffolding method.


CSY have found the system to be particularly useful for timber frame, or rendered buildings, as the system provides two platforms at easily adjustable heights; providing access for the customer that could never be found with tube and fitting traditional scaffolding, and thus allows CSY to provide a top quality service at very competitive rates.

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