Residential, commercial, education and event scaffolding specialists.

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CSY now offers the ability to hire this premium scaffolding for your own projects

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Commercial Scaffolding

CSY’s first steppingstone into commercial scaffolding was perhaps the Harrogate Civic HQ, which was a large circular building, based on the shape of a wheel and built in 2016. Sinc then, CSY have been recognised as a company able to tackle large commercial scaffolding projects, and have now done so for companies such as Walter Thompson, Newby Developments, Skipton Properties, Mandale Group and HACS Group.

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Residential Scaffolding

CSY give a professional and efficient service to residential customers, offering a fully insured highly skilled workforce at competitive rates.

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Layher Scaffolding

CSY work in close partnership with Layher UK, and offer the entire range of Layher products. From basic single operation scaffolds for timber frame developments, to public access staircases, propping, bridges and a number of other custom designed scaffolds.

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Schools & Education

CSY are the preferred scaffold contractor working on the NYCC Mass Scheme. We are asked to scaffold listed buildings on behalf of North Yorkshire County Council, such as schools, libraries, police and fire stations.


Always looking to offer a scaffold perfectly erected for any task, and by using one of their range of different system or tube and fittings scaffolds, CSY always enjoy a new challenge. Bespoke design scaffolds are becoming their speciality.


A favourite for athletic events, CSY are often contacted to provide ramps and stands for public or athlete access. Two of their most recent projects being the Ripley Cyclcross event and the Newby Hall Triathlon.

Excelling in health and safety standards

This area of construction can no longer be ignored, and has become the main priority on all construction sites in the last decade. CSY understand the requirement is essential. All scaffolders are equipped with full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and are trained to the highest level. Each with a CISRS Scaffolder, Trainee Scaffolder or Labourer card, and subject to frequent updates on their TG20:13 knowledge. The company also has two first aiders that work with scaffolders on any potentially hazardous jobs.